taisei arihiro

✈︎ Born January 21, 1997

✈︎ Enrolled in Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, Kyushu University in 2016

✈︎ Entered Kyushu University Graduate School of Aerospace Engineering in 2020

STUDY introduction


〜The behavior of a single droplet on a stationary liquid film is an important elementary process that is seen in various industrial scenes, and many studies have been conducted, but there are complex phenomena inherent and it is still not fully understood. Has not been obtained. The thickness of the film changes in the range of several microns to several hundreds of microns as the paint is sprayed. In other studies, it has been found that the time taken for a droplet to gently drop on a liquid film and then be absorbed depends on the liquid film diameter. Therefore, in this study, we focus on the liquid film thickness and investigate the influence of the liquid film thickness on the behavior of the liquid droplet on the liquid film.〜

Target phenomenon


〜When a droplet is shot with a high-speed camera, an interesting phenomenon occurs in which the droplet rides neatly on the liquid film and bounces. The above video is taken when the liquid film thickness is thin and the below video is thick and Water is used as the liquid. The difference between the thin case and the thick case is that the number of steps required for the droplet to be absorbed by the liquid film and the size of the droplet that is once absorbed and becomes the second droplet are different.〜


2020年12月18日:日本液体微粒化学会 ”単一液滴と様々な厚さの液膜における連鎖的合体過程の可視化計測 ”